Mold production

A good organization supports the various operators in the process of mold building that, thanks to the various equipment and machinery available, is faithfully made following the project provided.
A supervisor is responsible for the supporting of the various actors in the correct building process.

The order and the organization of our production department reflect our design philosophy that states that everything should be in order and carefully managed.

Except by prior arrangement, all molds can be provided with prior sampling of the mold, so that the final piece will be examined and approved by the customer.
Mecom provides assistance in the pre-production and maintenance service of their molds, keeping the drawings stored and any electrodes for a long time.

mold production

The management and the choice of the various possible heat treatments according to the various needs of the mold are very important; that’s why Mecom makes use only of leading companies and technical structure concerning the steel heat-treatment, with certified compliance according to the directives of the supplier of the steel also chosen among the main European steelmakers.